Our Catering Menu

Hors d'oeuvres
fruit compote with a melon liqueur served on crostini 37.50
hummus served on warm pan fried japanese eggplant 39.50
marinated mozzarella and roasted cherry tomato skewers 39.50
stuffed silver dollar mushrooms with stilton or brie 39.50
caramelized red onion wontons with goat cheese 49.90
asian beef filo tarts 49.90
spicy bang-bang chicken in filo tarts 49.90
spiced duck and papaya won-ton cups 49.90
peppery beef kebabs with braised pearl onions 49.90
chicken satay kebabs with thai peanut sauce 49.90
buck-wheat pancake with crème fraîche and smoked salmon 49.90
teriyaki, honey and sesame charred salmon flakes on crostini 49.90
baked little necks on the half shell 49.90
wild mushroom duxel served in puff pastry bouchées 49.90
lobster and langoustine salad on lambs tongue (lettuce) 49.90
spiced rub pork tenderloin Nacho`s w/ a roasted corn & avocado relish topped w/ caramelized onions (25 pieces) 59.00
smoked salmon parcels 59.00
prosciutto wrapped marinated sea scallops 59.00
mini angus burgers served on toasted brioche with caramelized onions 59.00
beef satay kebabs with thai peanut sauce 59.00
tuna tartar with lemon-cucumber and fresh herbs served on potato chips 59.00
sushi combination - speciality rolls 59.50
coconut shrimp with a mango and apricot salsa 65.00
mini crab cakes with tartar sauce 65.00
sliced filet mignon with stilton and roasted peppers served on toasted garlic french bread 69.00
char-grilled mini lamb cutlets with mint dipping sauce (24 pieces per order) 75.00
mediterranean orzo salad 9.90
penne asparagus with sun-dried tomatoes 9.90
spiral broccoli, tomato, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinaigrette 9.90
penne with vodka sauce and grilled garden vegetables 12.50
spinach fettuccini with oil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach 12.50
ravioli stuffed with roasted peppers and mozzarella in a pink vodka sauce 13.50
linguini with pesto, sun-dried tomato and toasted pignoli nuts 14.50
farfalle with basil, toasted pignoli nuts and parmesan cheese 14.50
ravioli stuffed with lobster meat in a pink vodka sauce 24.50
vegetarian lasagna 65.00
meat lasagna 75.00


Poultry & Meat
marinated and char-grilled chicken 9.95
breaded chicken cutlets 9.95
chicken salad w/ celery, scallion, fresh herbs, lemon juice and light mayonnaise 9.95
chicken salad w/ smoked mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette 9.95
lemon chicken 9.95
rosemary chicken 9.95
stuffed pork chops with apple and herb stuffing 12.50
spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken breast 12.50
chicken française 13.50
chicken marsala 13.50
ragout of veal with sun-dried tomatoes and white wine 14.50
tenderloin of pork with a mango, papaya, corn and tomato relish 14.50
veal marsala 17.50
tenderloin of beef with various sauces market
rack of lambs with bread and rosemary stuffing with fresh mint sauce (24 pieces) 79.95
baked salmon with a herb and dijon crust market
blackened, charred tuna market
fillet of flounder française market
poached salmon with a cucumber and dill sauce market
garlic shrimp / fruit and vegetable kebabs market
spicy lemon shrimp market
teriyaki ginger, orange and sesame seed marinated, grilled salmon, tuna or swordfish market
cod and salmon en croute with a beurre blanc sauce market
pan seared and baked halibut market
white bean salad 8.90
italian herb potato salad 8.90
creamy garlic mashed potatoes 8.90
roasted red bliss baby potatoes 8.90
roasted carrots 8.90
spicy slaw with a lemon-lime vinaigrette 8.90
black bean and corn salad 8.90
roasted onions 9.90
greek salad 9.90
stuffed zucchini 9.90
vine ripened tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, drizzled with basil oil 9.90
artichoke salad 9.90
broccolini 9.90
broccoli rabe 9.90
marinated mixed char-grilled vegetables 9.90
roasted brussel sprouts 9.90
sugar snap peas 9.90
wild rice 9.90
wilted spinach 9.90
grilled portobello mushrooms 12.50
eggplant parmesan stacks 12.50
marinated char-grilled asparagus 12.50
haricot verts with toasted almonds 13.50
grilled eggplant 13.50
stuffed mushrooms 15.90
Italian roasted artichokes 17.90